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I didn't sign up for this.....

We are seven days in and on a positive note the weather is improving so the little darlings can stay outside for longer periods leaving us time to breathe. The thoughts of the coming weeks is arduous at best - 'how can I?' and 'what will I?' are possibly the main questions being contemplated. Rule number one is to set up a structure to the day. Planning is key and good planning will lead to positive outcomes. Before you go off on a tangent deciding what is the best schedule and activities for your children please please please consult with them first. You wouldn't like to be presented with a schedule that you had no input in and nor will your child. Believe it or not us adults do not always know what's best. When we involve our children we gain co-operation and are also giving them the message that their suggestions are important and valued. So sit down and decide on the structure and running of the day together. Younger children can draw or take photos of the schedule. If at any stage the child/ children start to object to, or defy, the routine you can draw their attention back to the fact that this was jointly agreed and not imposed upon them without consultation. In reality it is like a contract that is drawn up and signed by all parties!

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