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Curriculum Approach

At Bizzy B's We Believe in the power of play.

Why is Play so Important for your Child?

For children play offers a multitude of developmental benefits physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Play provides the young children with the opportunity to express their ideas, symbolise and test their knowledge of the world. Through play, young children become active learners engaged in explorations about themselves, their community and personal-social world.


Children are naturally motivated to play. A play-based program builds on this motivation, using play as a context for learning. In this context, children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

Research shows play-based learning enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes.

A play-based approach involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. The teacher encourages children’s learning and inquiry through interactions that aim to stretch their thinking to higher levels.

For example, while children are playing with blocks, a teacher can pose questions that encourage problem solving, prediction and hypothesising. The teacher can also bring the child’s awareness towards mathematics, science and literacy concepts, allowing them to engage with such concepts through hands-on learning.

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