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Parents are the primary educators of the child and have a pre-eminent role in promoting their child’s well-being, learning and development. We seek to involve parents in school life and actively encourage parental participation. We value the importance of a strong partnership with parents/carers to ensure the highest level of care is provided to all children at our service. By working closely with parents we get to know the child through their eyes.


We are aware that many children will not inform their parents of what they have done in school so in order to keep everyone updated we have the following in place:

  • A weekly curriculum is displayed outside of each room so parents can be informed of planned activities. As the supporting of ‘emerging interests, is a central approach to the children’s development and learning, the planned activities may not always be actioned!

  • Each child has a special learning journal, which documents your child’s involvement in events, interests, progress and development. We encourage children to take their diary home on a regular basis to share with their family.

  • Parents are also informed of activities and events in our bi-monthly newsletter.

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