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Throughout our day our total focus is on the child, regardless as to whether they are attending the preschool or afterschool club.  Our philosophy is about tuning into the child in order to identify their needs and abilities. With this information we can then tailor the curriculum for the preschool and the recreational activities for the afterschool club, thus ensuring that their time spent with us is relevant, engaging and supports emotional, physical and cognitive needs.

What our Children say:

“My favourite thing is to relax. I love baking and I love going for hot chocolate. I like playing in the garden.”

Eva age 7 (but I’m nearly 8!)

“I like going out to play. I like having food with my friends and I like when we bake. I like to paint. I like it ‘cos it’s the best school”

Keela, age 6


Our Task.png

“I like playdough and I love reading books. I love getting cosy and watching a DVD.”

Emma, age 4


“It’s fun.”

Louis, age 6

I like it because it’s really fun and the reason I really like it because of the adults and we learn about Orangutans.”

Lottie, age 7


“Because the toys are really fun.”

Maggie, age 7

What our Parents Say:

“Bizzy B’s is one of the most amazing places that allows children to have fun and learn. It’s like leaving our daughter with family each day and she’s always teaching us something new she’s picked up like new stories, songs, fun facts and trips or walks she goes on with her teachers!”

Laura Jones


“Bizzy B’s is not just a business, Brenda, Olive and every single one of the staff care about your child. That’s why there was never a doubt in our minds where our son would go to preschool. In the time he has been there he’s learned so many life skills and grown in confidence. They go above and beyond by organising trips to lots of fun places. You will never regret sending your child here.”

Michelle McNally


“The warmth and loving care given to the children at Bizzy B’s is so lovely and reassuring . It’s like a second family for our daughter and she has the best day every day there! Lot’s of hands on learning, outings, fun and mischief.”

Alison Weldon

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