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This should keep the little (and big) ones occupied for a while.....

Happy Monday

Today it's playdough! you will either love it or hate it, (depending on how much of a 'clean freak' you are!), but your child will love it. The great thing about this playdough is that unlike the shop bought variety it is much easier to clean from surfaces, even if found 3 months later down the back of the sofa! It offers endless play opportunities for your child and most importantly it is 'open ended' so their is no defined end product. They can shape it, mould it, pinch it, pull it, use it for food in their game of restaurant, serve it in their kitchen, make habitiats for fairies and goblins etc etc etc. In other words your child's imagination and creativity will be employed when deciding 'what if' and 'how can' with this material. The texture (if made right) is a lovely sensory material and if adding a few drops of essential oil you get the added kick with the nice smell.

Just an highlight the liquid part of the process - add gradually and mix as you will not need all of the oil, water and paint to be added to the dry ingredients. If the dough is too wet just add more flour and more liquid if it is too dry.

The dough can be kept in a plastic bag or air tight container for a few days

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