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Once upon a time.......

Cian was really upset that he never got to tell his story to his class mates before our sudden closure so I suggested to him that I share it with everyone this way and he thought it was a good idea so here goes......

Hofnash and his Superhero Friends



Hofnash can punch walls and the walls fall down. He’s a superhero and if there’s a monster Hofnash will save the people and if there’s a monster Hofnash will dead them.

A superhero means that he saves people like Captain America does. Hofnash and Captain America are friends. Captain America has a robot and he can go into it and he can drive it. He can trample and cut monsters that are really strong ‘cos he can turn into a bulldozer. He likes to eat lots of green things so he can be strong. Captain America eats lots of blue things so he can do lots of strong things like throw a shield. When he throws the shield it comes back to him ‘cos he is super magic. They go on scary adventures – there is lots of darkness and wolfses and the wolfses eat them and then they be dead but the wolfses don’t like their brains so they spit them out.

The hedgehog deads the wolfses ‘cos the hedgehog is a superhero and he has a mask and sharp tails and he has sharp things on him. His eyes turn into mad ones and they shoot out lasers so they can cut the wolfses and the eyes come back to normal.

There is another superhero friend and he is a spikey dinosaur that has loads of spikes on his back and then he deads people that he don’t like. The spikes comes out of his body and he shoots spikes and then they be dead and that’s the end.

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Mar 25, 2020

Love your story Cian. Can’t wait to read some more 😃

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