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Let's talk about 'Hand Washing'

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Let’s Wash Wash our Hands……..

Prior to the outbreak of Corona virus How many times a day did you ask your child ‘Did you wash your hands?’ and the answer was always ‘yes’, even if there was lack of evidence to support their claim!

Now more than ever it is our responsibility to teach our children not just to wash their hands but how to wash them and for how long. Following are some guidelines that will help your child to achieve the task without you doing it for them. If your child is under 3years you will need to give a lot of assistance.

· Your child is never too young to learn about hand washing. When your child is too young to wash their own hands don’t just wash their hands for them talk them through what you are doing. They will understand, don’t ever underestimate the intelligence of the very young child!

· To teach the correct technique children will generally respond to a song. The following is an example (Sung to the tune of Freres Jacques)

Tops and bottoms

Tops and bottoms

In between (rub between fingers)

In between

All around my hands

All around my hands

Makes them clean

Makes them clean

· Once the technique has been mastered and your child is old enough to wash their hands unsupervised you need to ensure that they wash their hands for long enough. To do this get them to sing a nursery rhyme that lasts for around 20 seconds, such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. Or ‘Happy Birthday’ twice

· Always demonstrate good hand washing yourself, children learn by example. You are reinforcing the process and also showing your child that washing your hands is a simple practice that we all have to do on a regular basis

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