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Coughing and Sneezing

Start by explaining why it’s best to sneeze into our elbows.

Giving an instruction without a reason will guarantee


“When we sneeze and cough did you know that lots of

little droplets (saliva) shoot out of your mouth. There are

germs in the droplets. Germs are tiny bugs that live on all

things, and sometimes these bugs can make you sick. We

can’t see most of the droplets as they are teeny tiny but

they are there and they travel for up to 6meters when you

cough and 8 meters when you sneeze – yuck! You could

measure this out in the garden using stones (you will need

a lot of stones!). You wouldn’t want to have someone’s

droplets landing on you so in the same way you need to stop

your droplets landing on anyone else. The best way to stop

the spread of these droplets is to sneeze into your elbow. If

you sneeze or cough into your hand the droplets are then

on your hands and you will quickly spread the germs onto

your toys and anything else that you touch. So my message is:

For coughing and sneezing please always remember

Into our elbow is the best defender

Against spreading our droplets far and wide

Let’s get this right and stick to this guide.

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