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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's not easy! until last thursday your life was somewhat predictable in relation to your children's schedule. They went to school or preschool, played soccer on monday, irish dancing on tuesday, gaelic football on wednesday, played with friends on thursday and chilled on friday......but all that has changed. By now you may feel trapped and at a loss as to how to entertain your gang for the long days and weeks ahead. Children need structure and so do parents so with this in mind I am going to post activities for you to complete with your child on a daily basis. In line with what we would have done each week at Bizzy B's I will post a song or rhyme of the week, a story theme and lots of art, craft, baking and cooking suggestions. I'm not sure how a blog works but I'm hoping that you and your child can give your feedback on how things are going, make suggestions, and show us what you have made and created from the list that I am going to post.

If your art and junk art supplies are low (or non-existent) in your house you are welcome to come to the school to collect supplies.

Recycled Art

Tomorrow I am suggesting 'recycled art'. The idea is that you place items from your recycling bin onto the table with glue, scissors and masking tape or selotape. If you have additional items like lollipop sticks and pipe cleaners these can be made available also. Although sometimes I find that for chidren less is more, so you can save the pipe cleaners and sticks for another creative venture. Just leave everything on the table and let them create. Never discard a cardboard box over the coming weeks they will be more in demand in your house than toilet rolls!!!

Your role is to support their play but not interfere with it.

Please note the following -

  • If you do want to create something yourself this is ok but do not do anything for your child that they are capable of doing for

. If you do this you give them the message that you do it better than them!

  • Do not ask them what they have created or what they are going to create as this puts your child under pressure if they are simply exploring what they can do with the materials availble to them. For the young child process is key and not the end product. You can comment on what you like about their creation "I like the way that.." or "I can see that you.."

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